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    Sandie Lee Bohlig
    Spiritual Development Process

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Sandie Lee Bohlig:

An A.A.P.P., (American Association of Professional Psychics), Certified Psychic reader in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

She is a healing, medical psychic, angel psychic reader, doing psychic readings under the guidance of the Archangel Uriel , (also known as The Mahavatar Babaji). Babaji is God's Archangel of Ministration known as the symbol a flame in the hand of God. If you pray to God and ask for help in talking to your angels, Babaji is always put on your team. If you sincerely pray to God or to Uriel and ask that Babaji help you - he will ALWAYS! contact you in some way you will recognize right afterwards. Try it! Put your hands together and pray! And pray sincerely that he help you! And he will! Right now! So will God! Have faith and it will be!!!!!..

Spiritual Development Process

Psychic Readings

Angel Readings are very accurate psychic readings. The main psychic reader Sandie Lee Bohlig is known by The American Association of Professional Psychics as being the #1 certified psychic reader in Minnesota and Wisconsin and internationally.

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Psychic Readings and Healings

When you pray for the people on this list, pray for God too! And the angels, all life on earth: the winged ones, the creepy crawlers, the hoofed, and the two leggeds. Join us daily at 3 P.M., 10 P.M., 3 A.M., and 10 A.M.

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The Angels

As an award-winning and certified psychic reader in Minnesota, Wisconsin and around the world, I have found that God is everywhere! God sends his angels to everyone for assistance! Besides being so blessed to see and hear them everyday..

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Sandie Skye Counseling

Spiritual Development Process

Sandie Skye Counseling is an angel-guided psychic organization that offers psychic readings, rebirthings, and spiritual development classes.


Uriel has directed this Sandie Lee to teach “The Meet Your Angel” Spiritual Development Class Series One through Seven that he develped in the 1970's for her around the globe. In this angel class series of Babaji's, Sandy Lee, a psychic reader in MN and WI can teach you how to connect with God and your angels at the same level she can, as taught by Babaji, within four hours under the guidance and direction of Uriel the Archangel, The Archangel of Ministration, who is the Mahavatar Babaji of The East. Sandie Lee usually teaches these Angel Guided, “Meet Your Angel” Spiritual Therapy Classes for free or for a small angel guided fee. Sandy Lee is such an incredibly accurate psychic reader, who provides real psychic readings, and psychic readings counseling, that she is know by The A.A.P.P., (American Association of Professional Psychics), and The A.R.E., (Edgar Cayce’s Research Foundation) as being the #1 Angel Psychic internationally. She receives calls from all over the world when people need authentic psychic readings to talk to people on the other side. Sandie Lee is known as the best in the industry among accurate psychic readers that are accurate spiritual readings..

Sandie Lee, who gives very accurate insight psychic readings and inspirational psychic readings has been featured on talk shows on TV and radio in such major cities as Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Austin, New York, and La Crosse, Wisconsin, to help people talk to their angels and to teach "Meet Your Angel" spiritual classes on the air. She has been featured on the front pages of newspapers and been magazines because of her angel help to police and others as a spiritual and psychic development angel counselor. She can provide psychic readings around the world, on the phone, or in person in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Sandie Lee is a psychic in MN and WI that will initiate spiritual growth development in you through her psychic sessions with Uriel The Archangel.

Please contact her at (608) 317-8305

Sandie Lee has Psychic Counseling Certificate from the A.A.P.P. and was a Chemical Dependency Counselor for many years. She is now a Reiki Master, a Certified Rebirther, and a Train the Trainer, and a Supervisory Trainer, having graduated Magna Cum Laude from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa in 1978. She has trained with Dr. Norman Shealy at his first Chronic Health Pain Clinic in the United States and was his next door neighbor in La Crosse, WI. She learned of the Healing Cancer Treating Silva Method there and of Jose Silva from his clinic

About Psychic Sessions

The cost of a psychic reading with Sandie Lee is $100.00 an hour and $50.00 for a half hour. The price can also be Angel guided. Contact Sandie Skye Counseling If you would like a reading right now.

She does not Channel or do Medium actions, nor does she let a spirit take over her body or act as a Spiritualist - she was taught by God and The Angels not to do that or Cards or an Ouija board because it is being too dangerous with possession and other problems.

The utmost light and protection is provided for the people in the session. Sandie only communicates with those highest angels and archangels closest to God and does not communicate with spirits, or lower entities, unless a passed-on soul is evolved and allowed in the session with angel supervision under God's authority for that soul's personal heaven's class training purposes. But only with supervision.

About "Meet Your Angels" Classes

Sandie Lee teaches "Meet Your Angel" classes in which the Archangel Uriel and the other angels will put people on a spiritual development program and train them through Sandie. "Meet Your Angel Class Part Two" is medical psychic diagnostic with angel help. She also learned psychic diagnostics and can do psychic medical diagnostics (meant to be used only as a supplement to traditional medicine). She also does financial diagnostics with angel assistance.