Angel Readings are very accurate psychic readings. The main psychic reader Sandie Lee Bohlig is known by The American Association of Professional Psychics as being the #1 Angel psychic internationally. Sandie Lee is an A.A.P.P. Certified Psychic, but; she periodically has other psychic readers who are not certified join her in her readings and classes for training those people. The Archangel Uriel guides Sandie with all of her psychic readings by providing her with the ability to be an Angel psychic who sees and hears angels and people on the other side clearly. He makes sure Sandie Lee word-for-word repeats exactly what he, other angels and God say in the reading.

Teaching Reiki Master

Sandie Lee Teaches Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 and graduates Reiki Masters, and does Reiki Healings.


Sandie Lee is a Certified Rebirther through the Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray School of Rebirthing through Nan Morton in Austin Texas. She follows the guidelines outlined in: "Celebration of Breath" by Sondra Ray and "Rebirthing in the New Age" by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray, besides those she learned in the certification classes. Students that undergo the rebirthing sessions relive past life experiences and transcend the trauma associated with those past life difficulties so they no longer have those problems of fear-related symptoms and illness in their present life. For example, students would break through emotional blocks and transcend common fears associated with going out into their own business. Cost for rebirthing is angel guided; but on an average is $100.00 per session, whereas the angel sessions are on an average $100.00 an hour.

Sandie Lee is a Certified Rebirther through the Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray School of Rebirthing through Nan Morton in Austin Texas.

Spiritual Development Classes

The Archangel Uriel created spiritual development programs called the Meet Your Angel Classes. He designed these classes to teach people how to see and hear their angels and how to connect with God. The Archangel Uriel taught Sandie Lee how to deliver the classes to the masses for free or a low rate. The Meet Your Angel Classes were developed by Uriel The Archangel through Sandie Lee Bohlig in the 1970s, when she was a Chemical Dependency Counselor and they were called Alternative High Meditation Classes. Sandie Lee has been teaching them ever since under the direction of Uriel. Sandie Lee and Uriel can teach anyone in four hours how to see and hear their angels at the same level that Sandie Lee can. Uriel has also created many other psychic development courses through Sandie Lee including a Certification Training Program for psychics, and several meditation courses that are all available at Sandie Skye Counseling through Sandie Lee.


The Archangel Uriel is known in the Himalayan Mountains as the Mahavatar Babaji and thanks to the work of: Paramahansa Yogananda, "Autobiography of a Yogi," and his Self Realization Fellowship, Haidakhan Babaji and his Worldwide Samaj Community through Shri Muni Raji, The American Samaj,,, and The Rebirthing Community, and people like Robert Fressner and Donald Schnel, who write popular books like: "The Initiation," The Mahavatar Babaji is now known throughout the Western world as well. The word Mahavatar means Shining Light Being not born of a man or a woman, or 'Archangel.' The word Deva means angel or Light Being.

The Mahavatar Babaji has been appearing to mankind throughout the ages, but especially in times of great need. He has appeared to me, Sandie Lee, in the physical body many times, first when I was little and then throughout my life. I know him to be the Guru of Gurus, the ultimate spiritual teacher, next to God, and I know many people who think of him in the same way. I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to transcend and is willing to work hard and is sincere, to pray to God and to Babaji with a firm faith and belief that it is possible for you to get such special attention, and to ask for Babaji to be your teacher and guru. You just might get what you pray for if you are sincere with a firm faith. I have seen it happen many times. Even my mother is being guided by him at present.

Sandie Skye Counseling through Sandie Lee Bohlig provides accurate psychic readings and authentic psychic readings by doing what Uriel insists on: by accurately describing what people look like on the other side and what the angels look like and what they are saying, word for word, just like the parakeet that repeats "Polly want a cracker" in the same tone as the teacher.

Sandie Lee is recognized by several psychic organizations for her professionalism and accuracy. Sandie Lee is world-renowned as The Number One Spiritualist Psychic by The American Association for Professional Psychics and Edgar Cayce's ARE for her accurate psychic reading and healing ability. Uriel the Archangel provides inspirational psychic readings through Sandie Lee that are full of spiritual development ideas for spiritual growth.